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Nintendo Switch finally turned me into a gamer
[Bild: 2127-How-the-Nintendo-Switch-finally-turned-me-into.jpg]

I think the first time that I ever used a Nintendo game console was an SNES plugged into a TV parked on the sidewalk outside an electronics shop in Ginza, Tokyo in the spring of 1991. In fact, I think this may have been the first time I had ever used a video game w88 mobile console of any kind, period. Though I had played arcade games and was the proud owner of a Game Boy, I don’t remember ever playing on a proper console prior to that trip to Tokyo. If I had, it was literally a very forgettable experience.

Yet I vividly remember standing on that sidewalk and being enthralled by the most futuristic video game I had ever played: F-Zero. At the time, it seemed so fast and intense. Even though I grew increasingly frustrated by my constant crashing, I still remember how excited I was playing that game. It was like being on a day trip to the future.

27 years later, I have finally become the proud owner of my first ever game console: the Nintendo Switch. It’s a rather ironic choice as it’s also a handheld device. Or maybe, as Andrew Webster points out, the Switch is something altogether new. But I digress, I really don’t care about the correct definition; I’m just happy that I own my first console and I love it. Finally, at age 55, I can call myself a gamer.

Though the Switch is the first game console I have owned, it is not the first one I have played since that trip to Tokyo back in 1991. Over the years I’ve played on the SNES, PlayStation, Xbox and PC. I also bought several more hand-held devices including the Game Boy Color and Sony PSP before finally switching to mobile gaming on the iPad. Yet I was never once able to commit to buying a home gaming console of my own.

Why you may ask? Well the answer is simple: I was always slightly worried that I best online slots review would spend too much time at home playing it. That wasn’t a problem with my handheld devices as I tended to only play them when I was traveling. The same can be said of the games I downloaded onto my iPad. But every time I played on a console I could feel myself getting sucked in. Like the One Ring to Rule Them All, consoles called out to me with their alluring offer of limitless gaming power. I long suspected that should I succumb to the temptation I would be lost forever.

When I photographed the Switch for our review last year I was really impressed by the industrial design. I thought the Joy-Con controllers were genius and loved their vibrant colors. Even though I had never played a single roleplaying game in my life, I was intrigued by the beautiful fantasy world building of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, elements of which reminded me of Castle In The Sky. But most of all, I found the enthusiasm for the Switch emanating from people at The Verge and Polygon to be infectious. I was seriously tempted to finally plunge into gaming. But having owned deposit 138bet several handheld devices before, I wondered that if I really wanted to commit I should bite the bullet and buy a PS4 or XBox (a gaming PC wasn’t even up for consideration as that is one slippery slope I have no intention of ever sliding down).

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